yixing, darling…

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who ever said that making friends online is easier is a liar

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no but remember 2009-2010 era when everyone was dancing Abracadabra and Mister and Ring Ding Dong and there was literally all these good, weird ass variety shows with idols and everyone got along and everyone was happy and there was so much peace and up until 2013 we were still kinda good and at what fucking point did it all start to go downhill

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Actual Picture of Kpop 2014 Fans:



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Friend: What's the most dramatic kdrama you've ever seen?
Me: SM

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man i get so mad at this generations kpop industry like there are so many groups with so much potential but the shows are so boring!! bring back sesame player!!! bring back hello baby!!!!! bring back maknae rebellion!!!! bring back shin pd, oh! my school, and strong heart!!!!!! BRING BACK STAR DANCE BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I wonder how Xiumin feels being the only one left in the oldest-hyung line


*When 2k14 started*


*Few weeks later*


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