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genetics is a fucked up and unfair game

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The “I’m Sorry I’m in Korea Without You” Giveaway —


So I am officially on my summer vacation travels for 2k14, and I’m headed to my homeland, Seoul, Korea on the 23rd of July. Obviously — albums and things are much cheaper to purchase here, which is why I’m excited to spend my savings on things for myself and also a couple of close friends I’m returning to the US with gifts for.

Therefore! I’ll be doing a giveaway of practically anything the winner asks for, as long as I can find it somewhere in a music shop in Seoul easily. T__T (Meaning hopefully the winner will pick out an album that was more recently put out.) You basically can ask for any album out by any band, or photobook if that’s what you would like. Just please don’t request for DVD sets or something ridiculously out of my price range…? Sniff.

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4/50 Edits of Minseok

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Doctor: I think you'll need a shot
Doctor: AYYYYY *brings out tequila*

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*white kid from 90’s tv show on bed throwing baseball up in the air and catching it while staring at ceiling*

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They actually have fun together...

The violin prince is back.

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i’m not very good at having friends and making friends and being a friend and i’m sorry

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People in their early twenties still refer to people older than them as “adults”. When do you think they stop… and realize… they are adults

I’m not an adult, I’m a child with a drinking permit.

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Singing in the rain→ Making story

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ok so here’s a little present for all the people that have been following me for awhile now … its a giveaway (yay) !!! its small since i dont have much to give away but hopefully you guys will like it :-) the giveaway ends: august 30th, 2014.

there is going to be two winners that will get the following prizes.

winner one:

  • bangtan - skool luv affair (with cd + booklet + all 7 members photocards)
  • $75 USD (not including shipping costs) for usage at any reliable store (kpoptown, yesasia, kpopmart, ebay, yesstyle, ect.)

winner two:

  • $25 USD (not including shipping costs) for usage at any reliable store (kpoptown, yesasia, kpopmart, ebay, yesstyle, ect.)

please also make sure that you follow the rules or your entries won’t count! if youre chosen, and you arent following these rules, i will have to choose another winner!


  • you can follow me if you want. (if you win and you’re following me you will be given a bonus prize)
  • one reblog = one entry (reblog as many times as you want)
  • one likes = one entry
  • i will ship internationally and the shipping costs will be taken care of by me. (i will be using standard shipping [ups or fedex] so the stuff won’t come immediately, if you win please be patient with me)
  • please make sure you have your ask box open so i can contact you in case you win!
  • winners will have 48 hours (2 days) to respond, if you don’t respond in the time given i will have no choice but to choose another winner.
  • please make sure that you’ll be comfortable with giving me your address if you win :)
  • giveaway blogs are definitely not allowed, because it wouldn’t be fair to the other people entering the giveaway.
  • if you have any questions then don’t be shy, i’ll be happy to answer them.
  • giveaway ends august 30th, 2014.



it’s summer and i started my break lasted week AND i got paid a lot so i decided to host another giveaway! because summer makes me feel really nice, i decided to make this kinda big…



  • exo mama [chinese + korean ver]
  • exo xoxo [chinese + korean ver]
  • exo xoxo [repackage] [chinese + korean ver]
  • exo miracles in december [chinese + korean ver]
  • exo overdose [chinese + korean ver]
  • bangtan 2 kool 4 skool
  • bangtan o! r u l8 2?
  • bangtan skool luv affair
  • bangtan skool luv affair [repackage]
  • shinee dream girl - misconceptions of you
  • shinee why so serious? - misconceptions of me
  • shinee everybody 
  • snsd i got a boy
  • snsd
  • b.a.p badman
  • b.a.p 1st sensibility [it’s authographed lol yongguk signed album!!]


note: PP means ‘pick preferred’ and this just means you can choose the size you want!

most of these are just visual representations so dw about the price, im getting them or already have them for a much cheaper size 


  • fujifilm instax mini 8 [pink] [polaroid film included]
  • acer inspire 10.1 inch laptop [black and grey] [charger is included]

note: these are my own and i decided to add them in because i have no use for them but they are in very good condition!!

that’s pretty much it! i tried to add things that would interest most of my followers :<


  • this is for my followers so if you wanna join, you should follow.
  • likes count.
  • reblog as much as you want. reminder that spamming isn’t cool for me nor for your followers, so consider them please! 
  • don’t cut off the rules please, that’s not cool and i won’t like it (i know some themes hide the captions etc. and that’s ok as long as you personally didn’t remove it)
  • this is international!
  • the giveaway ends on the 3rd of August 2014 on 20:00 GMT (the reason for this is that’s when i come back from holiday and also this is a huge giveaway)
  • there is only ONE winner!
  • if the first winner doesn’t want any of the items, i’ll randomly choose a second winner and will give the items to them
  • i will choose the winner with a random number generator.
  • please make sure your askbox is open!! this is how i’ll notify you and if it’s not open, i’m gonna have to choose another winner :c
  • the winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise i’ll choose another homie as the winner!
  • if the winner wishes for me not to reveal their url, i will not do so. otherwise i’ll make an announcement when this is over!

*coughs* i love making friends from these so talk to me lots pls!! if there’s anything else you need to know, hit me up at inbox!!!